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Samhitha can proudly mention its infrastructure such as airy, spacious & well furnished class rooms, good top up library and well equipped laboratories that are spread in almost 50,000 sq ft own area, present in the heart of the city for educating the vast student community.


Libraries are very important for the progress and development of a society. They are storehouse of knowledge. They mold the character. They help in personality development. Our students experience no disturbance and everybody can read with rapt attention. Our college library is the place where one can take intellectual bath. Our college library consists of over 7,000 books, hundreds of periodicals, and various newspapers. Students spend their leisure quite fruitfully in the library.









Our A.C. seminar hall has a seating capacity of 700 students. Guest lectures, inspirational speeches by famous and successful people and motivational classes for students take place here periodically. We believe regular events has the function of bringing together hidden talent. We conduct atleast 2 events like seminars, formal presentation or research etc every week in this space. So far, it has witnessed hundreds of scholarly meetings, informative shows, magic shows, guest lectures by eminent persons from various fields, lectures by professionals and so on.









Science educators have believed that the laboratory is an important means of instruction in science since late in the 19th century. We believe laboratories are considered essential because they provide training in observation, supply detailed information, and arouse pupils' interest. We advocate that education without practical approach is incomplete. Excellent labs with every needed equipment are provided for all the groups as per requirement. This is a crucial step in our journey of preparing Future Scientists and Technocrats




We realized that technology will struggle to exist in comprehensive learning if proper lab infrastructure is not provided and hence we have invested extensively, right from projectors, televisions to student laptops and so on. Integrating information technology into teaching and learning process is being carried out through theme-centered and software centered approaches. Students who use computers learn to use word processors for work, and subsequently learn computer jargon. Our spacious computer labs fulfill all the computer needs of our students. With more than a 75 computers, students learn freely and enormously in the stipulated periods and other leisure hours.


Samhitha being at the heart of Rajahmundry city, it is very convenient and affordable for the students to reach the institute by buses from the four corners of the city and its suburbs. In addition, separate college buses are arranged for those students who can’t use RTC buses. Samhitha understands the importance of supporting the needy and hence has introduced "Free Bus Service" daily for any number of students from RTC complex and Gokavaram bus stands for students who cant afford the college bus facility.

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